Friday, April 04, 2008

What in the world is that?!?

I walked by the window the other day in our basement (We have a walk out basement so I was at ground level) and something caught my eye. I was holding Sarah (actually carrying her kicking and screaming out of Brent's office and away from his computer--sorry, Love!) when I saw something that looked really strange. I was distracted so I didn't get a good look. I thought about it again and decided it must have been some strange animal of sorts so I went back to get a better look. I laughed out loud at myself and realized how long the winter has truly been when I realized it was a patch of grass peeking through the snow! How sad is it that I didn't even recognize grass!?!

It has been in the mid to upper 50's here the last day or two (which is really nice after the 7 inches of snow plus a ton of rain mixed in that we got on April 1!) so there are quite a few bits of grass showing now. Hannah was getting dressed this morning and she stopped and got a strange look on her face..."Mommy, is that...IT IS!!! THOSE ARE BIRDS I HEAR CHIRPING!!!" She was so excited! I feel a bit like the characters from Narnia when they meet Father Christmas and realize that the spell is being broken and perhaps...just perhaps winter might finally be coming to an end! But it is early yet, so they tell me...I'm not putting the boots and down parkas away quite yet!