Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What needs to be said? What a Cutie Pie! Love her a whole hunch-a-bunch, alligator, crocodile, polar bear, giraffe!

Hannah-Daddy Time

Brent is such a great Daddy! We went to a Northland Faculty and Staff picnic yesterday for Memorial Day and had a great time. Even though he doesn't like marshmallows, he patiently roasted many, many marshmallows for Hannah so she could enjoy the smores they had for dessert. I don't think he minded too much...afterall boys love to be around the campfire no matter how old they get!

Fun in the Sprinkler

I played in the sprinkler. I went through the sprinkler very fast after I counted, "1...2...3..." I was drinking the water from the sprinkler. It was hot outside, that's why we played in the sprinkler.--Daniel

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Couldn't resist posting this one...

Ya gotta love a friend you laugh yourself silly with! I have this picture of my friend, Carissa Belford, and it just makes me laugh everytime I think about it...It just totally captures her personality! Praise God for friends you can just be yourself around and not worry about offending them or saying something stupid...it's especially true when Carissa and I get together because we hardly get a single thought put together before we start the next! She's a huge blessing to our church and the people on campus, too. She's such a godly girl who is a constant challenge to me spiritually. And not to mention, she's absolutely hysterical! She's one of the few people (other than Brent) that I would trust my deepest secrets with (mainly because I have way too much dirt on her and she's afraid I'll talk) For those who don't know her, but have heard me talk, she's the mother of the surprise twins...What's that on your leg, Carissa?!? :-) Love you, girl...don't hate me for posting this!

Something to meditate on this week...

I was reading in "Lies Women Believe" by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and was struck by this quote from a puritan collection of prayers and mediations. It seems so rich and a great jumping off point for meditations while I am in the kitchen where my mind usually wonders to senseless jiberish (especially while I wash dishes!). It will be so very helpful to ponder each of these and how it relates to my Christian life and the applications to our family. By the way...it's a great book if you haven't read it!

Grant me never to lose sight of
the exceeding sinfulness of sin,
the exceeding righteousness of salvation,
the exceeding glory of Christ,
the exceeding beauty of holiness,
the exceeding wonder of grace.

Friday, May 26, 2006

It's a good thing I can laugh at myself...because everyone else sure was!

I sure do know how to embarrass myself...especially up here in the Northwoods where so much of everyday life is foreign to me as a city girl. I will never cease to be amazed at how much people are really into the hunting/fishing/outdoorsman style of things. Well the kids and I went garage saleing today and that's when I really made everyone laugh...We were looking at a table of salt and pepper shakers. I thought it might be fun to let the kids pick out their own set since they were only a quarter or so each set. I was looking for one that Hannah would really like when I spotted the perfect set and said outloud, "Oh look, Hannah, here are some lipstick ones...you want those don't you?" And then I heard a chuckle from the older people at the sale and realized they were supposed to be bullets, not lipstick! Only a city girl would look at bullets and think lipstick!
In my defense, they were about 2 inches tall, one was green, one was red, and there was a gold cap on the bottom of each that looked like the part you would twist on the lipstick tube. Needless to say, I hurried the kids out to the car and decided to keep any future comments to myself!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thankful for dear friends!

What a wonderful blessing to be able to spend this evening with our Pastor and his wife from Chicago, Nelson and Joy McGeoch! They were only able to come for the evening since their stay in town is short by necessity, but we enjoyed our time together immensely! There are always a ton of laughs when they are around and even better plenty of God-honoring, helpful insight from Scripture and life experiences. It's a good thing we know that the Lord's will for us is to be here in the Northwoods or we'd be hopping the first ride back to Chicago! The Lord has worked in our lives since we've moved here in so many ways and it was such a great time to share with them all that the Lord has done and is doing as well as hear about the ministry that continues in Chicago. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to get together and share the evening with such dear people! We love the McGeochs! (we also love the Alberts, our other pastor and his family, as well as the many people at New Hope Baptist Church in Naperville, IL--how we do miss you all!)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spider-Vader-Rain-Village Man

A picture is worth a thousand words...this one could be worth a thousand dollars once Daniel turns 16 and is willing to pay us not to show this to anyone! :-) He came into our room Sunday afternoon in this get-up (he had been playing by himself in quiet roomtime) Apparently his cowboy hat fell off on the way! I keep reminding myself...he's only 6...he's only 6! Whatever his age, he's got a great imagination and loves wearing his costumes!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

One more thought

Hello....?!? There's a freeze warning out for tonight from 1-9 am...it's already 40 degrees and it's only 10:00!!! Where in the world are we that it gets below freezing on May 21-22?!? ACKKKK!!!

(yes, I realize 1-9am is actually tomorrow morning and not tonight, but you know what I mean...stop being so technical!)

"In light of Calvary, how can anything I do be called a sacrifice?"

We had an amazing Ladies' Conference at our church this Saturday! It was such a blessing and a help to get my focus back on the Lord where it needs to be. It was the first one (of many future annual events, Lord willing) that our church presented. We're calling them the Titus 2 Training Conferences. Diane Olson, the wife of the president of Northland Baptist Bible College--where Brent works, came and spoke 3 different times for us. What a blessing!

She talked about knowing our God and the names of our God--one of the quotes that really stuck with me from that session was, "When we live the Chrisitan life knowing so little about our God...is it no wonder we struggle so!"

The second session was about delighting in God's Word--with a focus on having a Mary heart in a Martha world--has anyone read that book? Is it good?

And the third session was the most helpful--about surrender. One of the most powerful statements was a quote from Amy Carmichael, "In light of Calvary, how can anything I do be called a sacrifice?" How easy it is for me to get the martyr complex about life here in the Northwoods!

And then she wrapped up the day by explaining that what we perceive to be our greatest need is what will be our greatest desire. If I think I need to clean my house most (yeah, right, likes that one of my problems!) then that's what will be a priority in my life. If I think my relationship with my Saviour is most important than that is what will be my priority and focus. Let me encourage you to get to our church's website. In the next few days, we'll be posting each of the sessions and you can download them for free and listen. I'm sure they'll be a challenge to your soul as they were to mine! Praise God for a wonderful day...even better since all the men had the children at home! :-)


Saturday, May 20, 2006

A whole different perspective

Something happened today that gave me a whole different perspective about life here in the country. I love our life here, please don't ever think differently, but I do have to admit that there have been many adjustments I have had to make. Take today for instance, I stopped at the gas station on my way home from town. When I went into pay, the cashier asked me if there was still a man sitting outside the station. I asked him if he were referring to the man who looked like a homeless person. He answered yes, and I expected him to grumble, mutter and complain, and go shoo him away...after all that's the way people view others like that in Chicago. I even rolled my eyes a little, but then was greatly rebuked when the attendant replied, "I gave him a cup of coffee a while ago and told him he could stay as long as he wanted. I wonder if he needs anything else." The folks around here are so friendly and would help and offer concern to a complete stranger. I was greatly challenged by that to view people the way Christ views them. I know that God doesn't look at people and see their "social status" or what kind of car they drive (or in this case, what kind of back pack the man was carrying!) but rather sees someone in need that most likely doesn't know about eternal life in heaven. Thank God for little reminders to be more loving and kind in my responses to others!

Friday, May 19, 2006

"Honey Dipping?"

I was talking with someone from campus last night...apparently the locals around here call getting your septic tank cleaned out "Honey Dipping!" How hysterical is that? I was telling her about my experience with the woman who cleaned out our tank, and she asked, "It was a woman honey dipper?!?" Had to share that with all my "city friends!"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Taking "Where in the World Are We" to a whole new level!

No picture for this entry...I think you'll understand...Something happened this morning that made me go "Where in the world are we?" like never before! We've been having trouble with our septic system (something that this city girl had never quite experienced before) , and we finally determined that the tank was full and would need to be pumped out...full of what? Don't think too long about that one :-) So we made a few phone calls and had an appointment for this morning to have it pumped out...again let me just say it...ewhhh...gross! The truck pulled up and there was a woman driving. Where else in the world but the northwoods of Wisconsin would a woman be able to handle the world's most disgusting job? They grow 'em tough around here, I guess. Being new to the world of septic systems, I had done my research on the internet and had a ton of questions about what I had read. I asked her about adding things like extra bacteria to the system (something that is highly discouraged on most websites, but still done by a lot of people) She said it wasn't necessary, but there are other things that you can add like brown sugar and yeast, rid-x, road kill...yeah you read that right...road kill! She said that alot of people will call and ask her to look for road kill on her way to their house so they can put the dead animal in the tank to help break down all the gunk that comes from your house (again...don't think about that one too long!) Am I the only one that thinks that is really a gross, strange thing? I've been here a while and have adapted quite nicely I might say, however...it's gonna take me a while before I can totally process finding a use for road kill! "Where in the world are we?!?"

Monday, May 15, 2006

A New Woman!!!

I'm Baaack! I was in desperate need of a haircut and a new look...so I decided to go back to the look I had when Brent and I started dating...if only I could go back to that same weight, heh?!? (How's that for Yooper Talk?!?) It's not often I get a haircut and actually like it, but this is such a great change from the long, frumpy mom look I was trying to pull off (unfortunately, I was pulling that look off all too well!) Still look like a mom, since I have a 4 year old girl perpetually glued to my side, but hopefully a little bit less frumpy! What do you think?

Pretty Precious Princess and her Court

Grandma Griffin sent the kids a package today! It's such a treat to get packages in the mail...especially when they have such treats in them! One of the things Hannah received was a beading kit to make a princess headband and wand. Anything with beads is a huge hit with Hannah nowadays! She's so excited to be able to put the headband on herself, and wants to make sure it's always on "just right!" Thanks Grandma and Pappaw Griffin! Yes...this is taken in Brent's new office...see, the green accent wall isn't so bad, Dad!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fun with the Belfords

"The twins are so much fun. I like to have them over. We played ball. My favorite part was playing with them. I love the twins!" Daniel

Mommy's side note--We had Eden and Chloe Belford come over to our house this afternoon while Carissa ran to town. We had a great time and were quite surprised at how much fun Daniel had playing with them! He was our little protector, following them around making sure they didn't get into anything that could hurt them! Hannah just wanted to "baby" them like one of her dolls, but Daniel had a great time actually playing with them!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Family Game Time is the best...hands down!

It was such a rainy day and night tonight that we decided it was a great family game night. So after supper was cleared away, we played board games with the kids for a while! The one we're playing here is a great one...it's called "Hands Down!" If you've never played it, you should look it up...especially if you have a 4 and 6 year old playing along! I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for any mental stimulation, however! After a round of Dora the Explorer Candyland and a long bout of wrestling (anytime you get our kids on the floor with Daddy, wrestling is bound to ensue!) We settled in for a big bowl of popcorn and Mulan from the Disney Channel. It's great to be able to spend time relaxing and being silly with your family. It's been a good night! No children fussing at each other, family bonding...it's such a blessing from the Lord to be able to have times like these!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Savage Slurpers...Part 2!

"First you get the fork in your mouth and slurp it up in your lips. We love noodles and we had them for lunch! I have 2 puzzles. Somebody's going to cut Mommy's hair. I got an owie. We got a lot of bambi's." Hannah

Mommy's side note--She clearly needs to work on keeping one thought per paragraph, heh? I asked her what she wanted to say about her picture...this is it...word for word! For all of you who don't know that Hannah is still not a very clear speaker...bambi's are bandaids! Use your imagination!

Savage Slurpers!

"I am slurping some Ramen Noodles today at lunch. I love to slurp Ramen Noodles! First you get the noodles on the fork, then put the fork in your mouth, and then slurp it by putting your lips together to suck in the noodles. They taste yummy and spicy. " By Daniel Griffin

Mommy's side note: Slurping is only allowed at our dinning room table and only when we have no company! Slurping is for Ramen Noodles only! But I do have to say, they kids had so much fun and can't wait to have Ramen Noodles again! At 10 cents a pop and them being such a hit, we'll be having them often!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Having a Ball at the Church Picnic

We had a great afternoon with our friends from church at Marion Park. It was the first anniversary of our church's charter and we celebrated with a picnic. Daniel was playing kickball with the other kids and literally was having a "ball!" He even managed to score a run! He loves being outside and playing anything that involves a ball and running! Hannah spent the afternoon at the playground playing in the sand with many friends, too! The Lord gave us beautiful weather--it actually hit 70 degrees today! After freezing at the garage sale yesterday, it was wonderful to have some sunshine and warmer weather today.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where in the World are We???

I could not believe it when I woke up this morning at 6:00am to get ready for a garage sale we were having, and I looked at the thermometer right outside our patio door...it was 22 degrees!!! It's crazy that it's May 6, and it's 22 degrees! And that was at 6 in the morning...who knows how cold it was around 3 or 4 this morning! One lady at the garage sale said it was 18 when she woke up! Just out of curiosity, I went to weather.com and looked up Alaska's weather today....the low was only 39 in ALASKA!!! I scratched my head and said with as much bewilderment as ever before..."Where in the world are we?!?" And as Brent always answers..."Right where the Lord wants us!" On such cold mornings that is the only comfort there is!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Our Little Song Bird

Hannah is definitely our little song bird. She walks around the house all day singing, often at the top of her lungs! She had a great time at church last night when she was able to sing with all of her friends during the service. She surprises us...sometimes she is so shy and doesn't like to talk to anyone, but then she gets up on the stage in front of everyone without any hesitation! She loves her teacher, Miss Nicki, who is expecting her second child. Hannah loves to talk about the baby that is in Miss Nicki's tummy...we get to find out if it's a boy or girl next week!

Singing in Church

Daniel and his friends from "Frontline Kids'Club," our Wednesday Night kids program, sang in church. They sang "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and really had a great time. Daniel loves playing games and being with his friends each Wednesday Night! You'll have to ask him about his favorite game, Flinch, that he plays with Mr. Tom, a college student from Northland who helps out at our church.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I did it all by myself!

The big dilema this last year has been what does Hannah while Daniel does his homeschooling? Now that the school year is almost over, we've figured it out! She loves putting puzzles together! I sat with her yesterday and showed her how to match the pictures, and by george, she's got it! She was so proud of herself this morning when she was able to do the puzzle all by herself! There's hope for her yet!