Monday, May 08, 2006

Savage Slurpers...Part 2!

"First you get the fork in your mouth and slurp it up in your lips. We love noodles and we had them for lunch! I have 2 puzzles. Somebody's going to cut Mommy's hair. I got an owie. We got a lot of bambi's." Hannah

Mommy's side note--She clearly needs to work on keeping one thought per paragraph, heh? I asked her what she wanted to say about her picture...this is it...word for word! For all of you who don't know that Hannah is still not a very clear speaker...bambi's are bandaids! Use your imagination!


Jessie said...

Haha! Cute picture, Yay Hannah!

Tracy said...

I never even thought about giving ramon noodles to Kara for lunch. She loves noodles -- I'll have to try it.

TheHarrisons said...

MMMMM! Makes me wanna get some too! Claire, Bobby and Lauren think you and Daniel are funny! We'll practice our slurping if we can assure Uncle Bob that it really is alot of fun:)