Sunday, May 21, 2006

"In light of Calvary, how can anything I do be called a sacrifice?"

We had an amazing Ladies' Conference at our church this Saturday! It was such a blessing and a help to get my focus back on the Lord where it needs to be. It was the first one (of many future annual events, Lord willing) that our church presented. We're calling them the Titus 2 Training Conferences. Diane Olson, the wife of the president of Northland Baptist Bible College--where Brent works, came and spoke 3 different times for us. What a blessing!

She talked about knowing our God and the names of our God--one of the quotes that really stuck with me from that session was, "When we live the Chrisitan life knowing so little about our it no wonder we struggle so!"

The second session was about delighting in God's Word--with a focus on having a Mary heart in a Martha world--has anyone read that book? Is it good?

And the third session was the most helpful--about surrender. One of the most powerful statements was a quote from Amy Carmichael, "In light of Calvary, how can anything I do be called a sacrifice?" How easy it is for me to get the martyr complex about life here in the Northwoods!

And then she wrapped up the day by explaining that what we perceive to be our greatest need is what will be our greatest desire. If I think I need to clean my house most (yeah, right, likes that one of my problems!) then that's what will be a priority in my life. If I think my relationship with my Saviour is most important than that is what will be my priority and focus. Let me encourage you to get to our church's website. In the next few days, we'll be posting each of the sessions and you can download them for free and listen. I'm sure they'll be a challenge to your soul as they were to mine! Praise God for a wonderful day...even better since all the men had the children at home! :-)

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Tracy said...

Did you tape the sessions? I wasn't able to make it to the meeting, but after reading your description of the sessions, I would love to hear them. I'm so thankful the day turned out so well. I was praying for you guys.