Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

No way...

People often comment about how much Sarah looks like me. This pic from last Sunday proves, without a doubt, she's trying her hardest to look like her daddy! It's all in those smiling eyes, I tell you! She has the darkest brown eyes, like Brent...and she even squints them up when she smiles...No way...she's more like her daddy than her mommy! But that will only serve her well in life. Unfortunately she acts more like me, which will be to her detriment, I'm afraid! :-)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Six month update

Brent and I have been diligently working to lose weight by participating in Northland's Fit for Service wellness plan. We've just finished our second quarter, and we both achieved gold level again this quarter. As of our weigh-in for the end of July, I've lost 47 pounds and Brent's lost right around 60. (When I asked him how much this morning, he said he'd have to look it up, but it was around 60) We're not on a diet, but have rather changed our lifestyle to eat less and exercise more. Brent's doctor gave him some great advice at the beginning of the program--"The best exercise we can do is to push away from the table!" We don't deprive ourselves of our favorite things, but eat much less of them when we do have them and weigh (ha-ha!) the choices more carefully. We both marvel at how slow the treadmill seems when we warm up at 3.5 miles an hour which used to be the max we could do! Now that speed doesn't even get our heart rates up! I tease Brent about being the "poster child" for the program because he has changed so drastically. One guy on campus walked by him the other day and jokingly asked Brent if he'd seen Brent Griffin because he needed to talk to him! It's encouraging to actually weigh less than we did when we got married. While it's been really nice to see the pounds come off, we both still have more to lose. I'll keep you updated--probably again at the end of the third quarter.

Adorable Sarah!

I picked up this dress at a friend's yardsale on Friday. I don't think it could have looked cuter on Sarah! She wouldn't leave the hat alone, but she loved having it on. Everytime I'd call her name she'd give me her cheasy grin because she knew I had the camera. She'd stop playing, flash me the "happy face" and then be off to play again. She's definitely the ham of the family!

This one is my favorite I think! She's on her way to the "happy face" but not quite there!

And thought I'd leave you with one last "happy face!"

Saturday, August 02, 2008


This is an amazing video my husband showed to the kids and me. It's totally amazing to see how the Lord has made animals so well...amazing! Unfortunately, this company does not give the Lord His due honor for making all things. However, it's still fascinating to watch and easy to see there's no other explanation than an all powerful and all wise Creator. The deep sea part at the beginning is interesting, but stay with it, because once they start showing the video of the octopi (pl for octopus?) it's incredible!