Sunday, March 22, 2009

random shots

One of Sarah's favorite toys...puppy. (actually 2 of them here in this shot, but the smallest one of top is her favorite!) She often takes it to bed with her, but she doesn't sleep with it. She puts it under her crib with it's own blanket for it sleep with. She'll say good night to it, kiss it, and put it to bed where she can see it. My mom put it on top of one of her birthday presents as an after thought, but it turned to be one of her favorite things!
Yep...she has a stuffed snake wrapped around her neck, pushing a stroller, with Ariel in it while trying to wear Hannah's shoes...what does go through this girl's mind? It might be just a bit troubling if I knew!
Sarah loves blankets, too. Its the only way to get her to snuggle with even then it lasts only a minute or two at best. If she gets hurt, she wants to sit on your lap with a blanket to help her feel better...any blanket will do.

trying to stay cool...

I came into the kitchen the other day and found Sarah standing in the fridge. The camera was sitting right there so I took this without her knowing it and managed to keep a straight face as I disciplined her for doing something she knows she's not supposed to do. I know she's too young for hot flashes and in an effort to save some money we keep our thermostat turned down pretty cool. I'm fairly certain the girl was just testing her she did the day she dumped the brand new box of honeycombs on the floor--in it's entirety...and there wasn't even a prize in it!

some recent pictures


I have an idea for some new artwork for one of the bare spots in our living room. I had something there, but took it down for the holidays and never put it back up. It needed to be updated anyways to include Sarah. I'm wanting to do something artistic with these pictures that include the meaning of each kid's name and a Bible verse that shows the character traits that made us choose that name. For example, the verse that talks about Daniel purposing in his heart not to defile himself with a portion of the kings meat, etc. I'm still working through how to do it in my mind so it doesn't look homemade and cheasy. I think these pictures I took this morning will work well for what I'm thinking. We'll see!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A great give-away!

Here is a link to a great give away from my friend Trisha's blog. I'm sure you won't want to go there and try to win, it's really not that cute of a dress, and my odds of winning are much better if no one follows this link to this free dress from Carolina's Cuties--the name is really quite deceiving...don't bother going to look at this sweet dress--love me enough to want Sarah to have it, okay?!? :-)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Look at all that I was able to get for less than $8!!!

My friend, Trisha, has started a blog to explain her hobby of clipping coupons to save money and get things free. I put her blog in my google reader so I always get her updates. I've been following her advice for many weeks now, and it is really starting to pay off! This picture is just a sampling of what I've been able to get for so little! There's over $50 worth of merchandise here and I spent less than $8! There's 2 packs of diapers here that normally coast $15, but I only paid $5 for them (that's $2.50 each to clarify that!). The Starbucks chocolate run $6 each, but I only paid $1 for each of them. I stockpile these kinds of things for when I need a quick "thinking of you" gift or something nice for the teacher for Thanksgiving or Easter...something I don't want to spend a lot on, but who doesn't love chocolate!?! I was thinking as I took this picture that I forgot to include all the makeup I've gotten for free the past few months! I have over $30 worth of free Revlon products from Walgreens that I didn't want to dig out of my makeup bag. I also got a free video rental since I'm going out tonight and leaving the kids with Brent. I'm totally loving this! It helps Trisha out to get more hits to her site, so you should go check it out and put her in your google reader, too! You can find her site here.