Sunday, March 22, 2009

random shots

One of Sarah's favorite toys...puppy. (actually 2 of them here in this shot, but the smallest one of top is her favorite!) She often takes it to bed with her, but she doesn't sleep with it. She puts it under her crib with it's own blanket for it sleep with. She'll say good night to it, kiss it, and put it to bed where she can see it. My mom put it on top of one of her birthday presents as an after thought, but it turned to be one of her favorite things!
Yep...she has a stuffed snake wrapped around her neck, pushing a stroller, with Ariel in it while trying to wear Hannah's shoes...what does go through this girl's mind? It might be just a bit troubling if I knew!
Sarah loves blankets, too. Its the only way to get her to snuggle with even then it lasts only a minute or two at best. If she gets hurt, she wants to sit on your lap with a blanket to help her feel better...any blanket will do.


Marsel said...

Oh, those sweet toddler days...they go by so very fast!

David said...

careful...she might reach out from under that blanket and touch someone's ankle some day!! =)