Sunday, March 22, 2009

some recent pictures


I have an idea for some new artwork for one of the bare spots in our living room. I had something there, but took it down for the holidays and never put it back up. It needed to be updated anyways to include Sarah. I'm wanting to do something artistic with these pictures that include the meaning of each kid's name and a Bible verse that shows the character traits that made us choose that name. For example, the verse that talks about Daniel purposing in his heart not to defile himself with a portion of the kings meat, etc. I'm still working through how to do it in my mind so it doesn't look homemade and cheasy. I think these pictures I took this morning will work well for what I'm thinking. We'll see!


Marsel said...

They're great pictures! I especially love Sarah's pigtails!

David said...

we need to talk...i have a suggestion, but too much info to try to put on here!! =)