Saturday, May 20, 2006

A whole different perspective

Something happened today that gave me a whole different perspective about life here in the country. I love our life here, please don't ever think differently, but I do have to admit that there have been many adjustments I have had to make. Take today for instance, I stopped at the gas station on my way home from town. When I went into pay, the cashier asked me if there was still a man sitting outside the station. I asked him if he were referring to the man who looked like a homeless person. He answered yes, and I expected him to grumble, mutter and complain, and go shoo him away...after all that's the way people view others like that in Chicago. I even rolled my eyes a little, but then was greatly rebuked when the attendant replied, "I gave him a cup of coffee a while ago and told him he could stay as long as he wanted. I wonder if he needs anything else." The folks around here are so friendly and would help and offer concern to a complete stranger. I was greatly challenged by that to view people the way Christ views them. I know that God doesn't look at people and see their "social status" or what kind of car they drive (or in this case, what kind of back pack the man was carrying!) but rather sees someone in need that most likely doesn't know about eternal life in heaven. Thank God for little reminders to be more loving and kind in my responses to others!

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carissa said...

Deb, did I tell you I witnessed to him and gave him a ride to our ladies mtg. yesterday?? That's how I responded :) (honestly, rebuked by your post, I am reminded to treat others that way. Thanks for your transparency!)

The ladies conference was fabulous. I will blog about it when I have time to think in quiet. THat'll be a while! You're hysterical....I smelled my washcloth today and thought of you!)