Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spider-Vader-Rain-Village Man

A picture is worth a thousand words...this one could be worth a thousand dollars once Daniel turns 16 and is willing to pay us not to show this to anyone! :-) He came into our room Sunday afternoon in this get-up (he had been playing by himself in quiet roomtime) Apparently his cowboy hat fell off on the way! I keep reminding myself...he's only 6...he's only 6! Whatever his age, he's got a great imagination and loves wearing his costumes!


TheHarrisons said...

You Go, Spidey!!

Jessie said...

Hah! Thats an AWESOME picture! Go Daniel! :D I hope he had lots of fun. :)

carissa said...

what a BOY!!! No wonder he gets along so well with Andrew. They have great imaginations. I'm drinking my rasberry coffee thanks to you. See ya tonight.