Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thankful for dear friends!

What a wonderful blessing to be able to spend this evening with our Pastor and his wife from Chicago, Nelson and Joy McGeoch! They were only able to come for the evening since their stay in town is short by necessity, but we enjoyed our time together immensely! There are always a ton of laughs when they are around and even better plenty of God-honoring, helpful insight from Scripture and life experiences. It's a good thing we know that the Lord's will for us is to be here in the Northwoods or we'd be hopping the first ride back to Chicago! The Lord has worked in our lives since we've moved here in so many ways and it was such a great time to share with them all that the Lord has done and is doing as well as hear about the ministry that continues in Chicago. Praise the Lord for the opportunity to get together and share the evening with such dear people! We love the McGeochs! (we also love the Alberts, our other pastor and his family, as well as the many people at New Hope Baptist Church in Naperville, IL--how we do miss you all!)


Tim and Heidi Harney said...

Hey Mrs. Griffin!
I just saw your blog on the Belford's and thought I would say HI! It is so neat that you guys are at NBBC now! Hope all is going well!

Tim Harney

Debbie Griffin said... way, Tim! I just saw your comment on the Belford's blog and went to your blog to see what was up with you all! Seems like the Lord is really working in your life! I'll keep up with you all through your blog...isn't the world of blogging wonderful? We love it here at Northland! God is working in our lives in new an amazing ways!

carissa said...

hi deb!! What a great gift of fellowship the Lord's given us when godly people come to visit. it's so nice, yet sad at the same time, cause we realize we miss them so much.

Anonymous said...

I know I am really late about commenting on such an old blog, but I haven't had time to look in ages. Anyway, we are so jealous that you have an evening with the McGeochs! We miss everyone from the New Hope days so very much...