Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some of the cutest pics ever, I must admit!

I took Sarah outside to get some pics this afternoon with the beautiful trees in our yard. I didn't get many good shots of the trees, but I do have to say of the 26 pics I took, there were a few that were a bit too precious to keep to myself! They're so much better if you know can really see that mischievous sparkle in her eye in some of these.

I do have to say this is her, "Mom...come know we both want a good game of chase and fall down giggling and tickling...come get me!" look.
Sarah loves to touch anything and everything outside. I wasn't the least bit surprised when she wanted to touch the branch of leaves I pulled down into her reach...but I was a bit surprised when she reached out with her tongue to taste the leaf! I can't believe I caught it in a picture, too!
I laid down in the grass to get a better angle of her...she climbed into my lap, and this is the angle I managed to get! Gotta love those cute pudgy cheeks!

She must always stop and touch flowers especially. she doesn't pick them...just touches them.


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very cute!

The Horaks said...

Wow! These pictures turned out so good!! I loved them!