Tuesday, October 06, 2009

She loves to help me cook!

Sarah has taken to "helping" me when it's time to cook...anything...or she thinks I'm getting ready to cook...anything...somehow she manages to squeeze in between me and Hannah and get her chubby little hands into whatever it is I'm making...every time I'm in the kitchen...any time...it's not because she loves to cook. No, she has no interest in actually making the things to eat. She simply wants to get first dibs on the spatulas or beaters that I hand out for licking! I made peanut butter pie for Brent's birthday Sunday and she managed to snatch the whip cream spatula before I realized it. She also managed to get it all over her face. The picture's not the greatest, but it sure captures that mischievous glint we're seeing way too much of recently in her eye!

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