Monday, July 10, 2006

What a busy week!

It's been a crazy busy with something going every night and most days, too! But we had a great time! The kiddos got to participate in the children's groups during family camp on campus each morning. It was a fun VBS style of daycamp sort of thing (how's that for a sentence!) I just hung out around campus talking with friends and enjoying the high speed connection :-) We finished up our Monday Night Bible Studies that Brent has been teaching at our church, Tuesday we got together with a bunch of church friends to watch the Norway fireworks, Wed was church, Thursday I tutor a boy in Math, and Friday was the huge Freedom Celebration at Northland. It was the highlight of the week for all of us--The fireworks were spectacular! And there was a carnival for the kids with all kinds of free games that proved to be a great time for sure! Today we went back to campus and were able to putt-putt. Brent took an hour off of work to go with us and we had some special family time. Of course Brent won, and I took second, Daniel was third, and Hannah took the prize for needing the most help--but she sure was cute putt-putting hockey style--she is so much like me it's almost scary!

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