Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Amazing...and almost healthy!

My sister called the other day mushing and gushing about this recipe someone had given her. I thought nothing could be as yummy as she was saying and really only be 1 point on the weight watchers' point system...so I thought it would be something fun for "Hannah-Mommy Time." I have to say they are really, really good and super simple! And for all you pumpkin haters out there...the muffins come off as a "spice muffin" more than pumpkin...trust me!

a box of carrot cake mix
small can of pure pumpkin (not the pumpkin pie stuff)
1 cup water

mix all of this together, put in muffin pans, bake at 350 for 13-15 minutes

They make 12 muffins--but be careful...at only 1 point each, one can justify eating quite a few of them...not that I speak from experience or anything! :-) Now you know why I don't bake very often!

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