Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Updated photos

Just an update on how the kiddos are looking...nothing too exciting going on here. We're finally having some spring-like weather so Daniel and Hannah are outside almost all the time! We're finishing up our school work this next week --needless to say, Daniel's ecstatic about that! Sarah's doing really well--sleeping between 12-13 hours at night! I think maybe, just maybe, she's slowing down when it comes to gaining weight. She's not getting any heavier at least! And I do have to say that she's the happiest of all 3 of our babies. She only fusses if she's hungry or sleepy! I'm telling you...she's turning out more and more like me! :0)


The Horaks said...

I love how Sarah's eyes smile!! She's such a cutie! And she has such cute siblings too! ;)

Marsel said...

Wow, Sarah suddenly looks like a baby and not a newborn...amazing how fast it all happens, isn't it?!

Tracy said...

She looks so happy! How old is she now? I can't wait to see her next week when we get up to NBBC. Will you be on campus Either Friday or Saturday (of graduation weekend)