Sunday, April 22, 2007

She's my little flower child!

What would I do without my man? What a huge help he is to me! The Lord knows that some women have it all together and don't need any help around the house and with the kids, and then the Lord knows, too, that He created me to need Brent! How I love him! :-)

So I bought this sweet little dress for Sarah off of Ebay, and it came with a matching hat! I love hats on babies, but I don't have too many! Several people commented on how much Sarah looked like a little flower in her hat!

Notice how squishy those arms are getting? There's a reason for that...I took her back to the doctor this past Friday for a final check to make sure the wheezing was gone from her lungs...she's all better and a pound heavier! The girl gained a whole pound in one week! She was 16 pounds 6 ounces! The doctor and I were just laughing at it all! She's getting more and more rolls on her arms and legs everyday! That's my girl!


Marsel said...

That's just how babies should be -- pudgy and sweet-smelling...the better for snuggling!

Tfipps said...

It was the Great Lakes Youth Conference at Faith Baptist Church in Davison. Where do your parents go to church? I took my kids to the Flint Children's Museum. Your kids would like it!