Sunday, April 08, 2007


Sarah slept the entire morning...even through all the jostling around on Daniel's lap during the photo shoot! Check out those "squishy arms!" I love to squeeze them!

Daniel is a great help...and he loves holding Sarah. Until she spits up and then he sits there and yells until I get it cleaned up! Spit-up attack! Spit-up attack!

I had to do some things at church this morning for the Easter breakfast. I did Hannah's hair before I left, but when I arrived back at home to pick everyone up...Brent had everyone ready to go...which meant giving Sarah her bath and dressing the girls in their fru-fru matching outfits! He's such a great daddy to our children, but an amazing husband as well! Many dads I know would scoff at helping me as much as he does! I'm not surprised he had it all together...he's just like that! My love tank was overflowing this morning as I thought about how much he is willing to help! Some men are lost without their wives...Brent just jumps in and does what needs to be done! Praise the Lord for bringing us together. It is such an amazing way to see the verse, "As for God, His way is perfect..." played out in real life!


The Horaks said...

All the kiddos look SO cute!! I love the green! :)

Tfipps said...

Isn't it so wonderful to have a husband like that?! I too feel that way about Rob - I guess I take him for granted until I hear about other's husbands who don't "have a clue."