Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some of that "Mom Sentimentality"

I must confess I cry at commercials (anyone who knows me, won't be surprised by that!) but I am especially sentimental when it comes to those commercials that show a bride walking down the aisle and then flash backs to her childhood hinting at how fast she's grown up. I've been super sappy lately about Hannah for some reason and wanting to capture so many of these everyday moments so we'll have them later on. I had to have a picture of her in this outfit. Maybe it's the ruffle socks, or the sparkly sweater...I know she won't want to wear bows in her hair forever, but I don't ever want to forget this stage of her life. She really is at a great stage. She's still wanting to crawl up into our laps and snuggle, but she's old enough to really be thinking deep thoughts and want to talk about them--okay, most of the time she's thinking about what she wants to take to show and tell and what color Scooby Doo's collar should be on her coloring page, but she gets deep every once in a while!

Another thing I'm going to try to capture on video is the way she comes running out of the school building everyday and climbs into the van. It's just another one of those things I want burned on my mind forever, but since my mind is so full of groceries, laundry, and ways to help Daniel remember to bring more than one of his p.e. shoes home at a time, I'm going to try to video it!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving...God is good and I have so much to be thankful for!!!

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The Horaks said...

What a sweet post! Hannah is such a cutie...I hope you get that video clip sometime!

Thank you so much for the sweet little note you sent...what an encouragement it was to me!

Have fun at the wedding! I hope your excursion includes a trip (or two) to a mall! ;) Hopefully on Black Friday!!!! :D