Friday, February 22, 2008

Winter Pictures

The kids next the to massive snow pile to the side of our front step! They're standing on the ground here and it's just about to Daniel's shoulders, if not higher!
We've got close to 2 feet on our table on our deck!
The snow was so deep, Brent knew the kids would never be able to pack it down enough to get a good sledding trail made, so he took the snow blower and made a special track for them...and it really seems to work well! " Seems" because I've only watched! There are still several inches of snow under Brent, and the sides of the track are still up to Brent's knees!
Sure is easier to walk up the hill without having to trudge through the snow! I know that areas south of us have gotten more snow that we have, but the difference is that our snow doesn't melt much during the winter. Usually the snow we get in November is still on the ground come March and least it's up to the mid 20's today! There was a record low yesterday at actual -21!
And of course, just a cute little baby who will get her fair share of the snow in the coming years!


Grace said...

Wow!! Look at all that snow-now that's definitely a northern winter scene! I am sure it is beautiful as well as cold :^)

Elissa Brown said...

Very fun! We don't often get to enjoy our snow as you do. It usually doesn't stay around as long as yours does...nor is it as deep as yours! :)

Marsel & all said...

Thanks for posting these -- I enjoy my snow vicariously these days and it's nice to see some of it!