Thursday, March 20, 2008

I'm still a transplant!

Something happened the other day that confirmed the fact that I still don't quite fit in up here in the Northwoods...We went to Appleton, the town with a great mall, for 2 days and one night while the kids were on Spring Break. I noticed a note on the Flooring America sign that read, "Thanks for your faithful years of service. We will miss you, Brett." I started wondering how long the man had worked for the company and thought what a nice place that must be to work for that they would recognize the retirement of one of their employees in such a nice, public way. Then I started laughing out loud when it dawned on me the sign was referring to Brett Favre retiring from the Packers! You know you belong around here when you immediately think Brett Favre everytime you see the name Brett! Sure enough...later that day my suspicions were confirmed...I cut myself and I still bled red--no green and gold yet! I'm still a transplant! Not quite sure that's a bad thing, though! :-)

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The Horaks said...

Hahaha!! You are hilarious!