Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Pictures

Here are the kids in their Easter outfits. I found them all on Ebay through different auctions...Hannah felt like such a princess with her organza bow in the back and almost to the floor length! Hers was too long but since it has an organza pleat along the hemline like it does at the collar it took some creative ingenuity to figure out to make it short enough for her to wear. A few pintucks a couple of inches above the hemline and it was good to go...even looked better I must say so myself! I told Daniel they all had matching outfits to wear, and he looked a bit frightened when he saw Hannah and Sarah's blue and white flowers! I even egged him on a bit (no Easter pun intended) and told him his shirt was a perfect match for their dresses! He was quite relieved when he saw that I didn't intend on having him wear flowers, too! Yes...I know I cut Brent's head's the only good one of all of them...I figure anyone who cares enough to look at our blog will remember Brent has a flat top and will not need to be reminded by seeing a picture of it!
I have more pictures to add from our Easter celebration, but that will have to wait...hopefully not as long as Hannah's birthday pictures had to wait, but one never knows!


The Horaks said...

Aw, I LOVE the outfits!!! :) Hey, it was so fun to see you this morning! Thanks for stopping for a chat! :)

Marsel & all said...

Love the outfits!

Jill King said...

I just thought Brent was in denial over going bald!! =)