Thursday, March 27, 2008

Resurrection Cookies

I have a friend (well, I used to call her a friend before this!) who told me about the recipe for Resurrection Cookies--cookies you make with your kids the night before Easter to help them understand the story of Christ's resurrection. We did them for our family devotions Saturday night before bed, and the kids really enjoyed it. Brent read Scripture that went along with all the ingredients that we added. They were a meringue style of cookie that were supposed to be empty on the inside after being in a sealed tomb (taped oven) all night. Some of them came out hollow--some did not. The kids didn't mind the taste even thought their expressions provide evidence to the contrary!

And a big disclaimer...I know we all look like wrecks in these pics. I figured if I took time to get them in presentable clothes and get the kool-aid mustaches washed off, I'd be getting them ready for church the next morning before the cookies got baked! So the kids are looking a bit rough--but that's reality! And I have no make-up on and am in my work out clothes, but the only way Brent would let me post a picture of him looking so rough is if I included a picture of me--a rare occasion for sure! BTW...I really do have a friend who has perfected the art of sucking in her cheeks when she smiles so her face looks thinner...not sure how she manages to look natural while I look like I am imitating a fish...practice...more practice!

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