Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My little mommy

I went looking for Sarah the other day quite afraid because it was so quiet. I found her playing with the other kids in Hannah's bedroom. Each one was doing their own thing. Hannah was coloring, Daniel was on his gameboy and Sarah had taken her baby doll, put her in the doll highchair and was feeding the doll her sippy cup. I thought for sure Hannah must have put the doll in the chair for her, but Sarah did it on her own. It's interesting to me to see the maternal instincts kick in so early. I think she might be starting this even earlier than Hannah did. Sarah was fussing the other day because she didn't want to finish her breakfast and wanted down to play. In an effort to appease her, Hanah gave Sarah her babydoll to play with. When I went to get Sarah down from her chair, I noticed she had fed the rest of her breakfast to the babydoll...resourceful, too...messy, but resourceful!


Marsel & family said...


Are those curls I see on the back of her head, by the way?!

The Horaks said...

What a cutie!