Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sarah's latest shenanigans...

One of Sarah's favorite things to do lately is sneak into the pantry (which the kids always manage to leave open) and sneak the cereal out. I often find her carrying the bag around eating it by the handfuls...she doesn't need the box, no...she leaves the box...I guess the bag is easier to carry? Today I found her camped out in the hallway helping herself. When I asked her what she was doing, this is the look she gave's her fake's what she does if you ask her to smile...and she does it often to try to get out of trouble, too! Did I mention she's turning into twice the handful that Daniel and Hannah were combined?!? We're in some serious trouble. She's much brighter, more observant, and catches on much more quickly than even Daniel did...did I mention we're in trouble?!?
Sarah's also got a huge independant streak. She really wants to feed herself now with silverware. However, she hasn't quite got the hang of using a fork yet. She tried and tried to get the scalloped potatoes onto her fork AND into her mouth, but to no avail. So she gave up and stuffed the food in her mouth while holding her fork with her other hand...don't try to take the fork away no matter how little she's using it! I guess it makes her feel better to hold it and pretend to be able to use it while she smooshes the food all over her face...some days we are just so proud of our kiddos!

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