Sunday, June 29, 2008

The day we've all been waiting for!

Hannah has been adamant about growing her hair out for a very long time because she wants to be able to have curls. Last night I decided to give the good ol' sponge curlers a try. She loved every second of it...especially when I took them out this morning and she saw all her curls! Her hair is so thick that many of the curls were still wet this morning so I had to curl them with the curling iron. She was so patient, too! She loved it so much and everyone's reaction to them at church I'm afraid we may have started a new thing!

I took several pictures, and her eyes were goofy in every one. So I told her to try to smile with her eyes open more, and this is what I got! I guess she can't open her eyes without sticking her tongue out or something! BTW...her other front tooth is so loose it'll be out in the next couple of days. I love it when kids lose both of their front teeth at the same time! As if she could get any cuter! :-)


Marsel & family said...

Oh, I used to love getting "princess hair"...enjoy these fun days!!!

The Horaks said...

Ah, yes, the Saturday-night-curler-routine!!! My mom used to do that for me and my sisters as well!!! I loved it!

Please tell Hannah for me that I think she looks BEAUTIFUL in curls! :)

Elissa Brown said...

That is so much fun! We used to have sponge curlers too. Loved having curls!! I lost both of my two front teeth at the same too. I had a lisp for a long time. :D Hannah looks adorable!