Monday, February 23, 2009

Hannah's 7th Birthday

It's hard to tell from this angle, but this is a princess crown cake. It's a 2 layer cake with special shaped sugar cookies all around it to make it look like a crown. Hannah insisted she have a crown since she's not only our princess, but God's princess, too! Have you seen the little girl movies in the Christian book stores about GiGi? There was one for $5 around Christmas time at our local bookstore so I picked it up. She loves it! There are several of them available. And don't tell too many people, but Daniel even likes them...because it's not just a girlie movie, mom!!!
It's so hard to believe she's 7!!! I remember so clearly the day she was born. I was supposed to be at the hospital at 6am since I was being induced, but the nurse called to say they were full and there wasn't a place for me to have her so we had to wait. Brent and I went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then came home and went back to bed. We called around 11 and they said there was a bed for me and to come on in. My epidural worked like a dream, and she was born around 3:00 that afternoon. Her labor was so very easy for me--I remember asking the doctor if I was pushing because I could feel NOTHING!!! She came so quickly, and she had so much hair that Brent and I laughed when she was delivered after 3 pushes. I'll never forget thinking when I saw her for the first time, "That's it? That's all I have to do to give birth to a baby monkey?!? Who knew it could be so easy?!?"
We have this tradition in our house to decorate with streamers and banners for everyone's birthday. It was progressed to the kids' rooms, too. I put the streamers up when the kids are sleeping. Daniel and I laughed as Hannah tried to get out of bed that morning. I told her that if she tore down even one streamer she couldn't have her presents. She managed to get out without tearing one down!
Love this girl so very much! She's truly a sweet young lady who loves God and sincerely wants to please Him. How thankful I am for her sensitive heart. She's always with me in the kitchen or at my crafting table asking what we can do together. She's always saying, "Mommy, can I do something to help you?" I am so challenged to spend more time with her, training her to be godly, and working to instill in her the principles she'll need to be a godly grown lady doing the Lord's will, wherever that may be! One sweet thing she said the other day while I was doing her hair..."Mommy, wouldn't it be fun if I lived really close to you when I grow up?!?" "I can't think of a better thing," I told her, "if that's what God wants!" Secretly I asked the Lord to give us that desire if He so wills.


Marsel said...

Happy belated birthday, Hannah!

Can't believe she's seven already...oh no, that means my baby's next! ...ahh, those fun days when we were the Three Pregnant Musketeers!

The cake is so cute! (and yes, it's obviously a crown!)

The Horaks said...

Awe, I'm so glad she had such a good birthday! She's such a sweetie! The princess crown cake fits her so well! You do an awesome job with the birthday cakes you make for your kiddos!

Hairgrove Hangout said...

Hannah has grown up so much. I still remember the day we "meet" your charming husband and two sweet children!! She is a beauty. Happy Birthday Hannah!