Monday, February 02, 2009

Sunday Pictures

I found these great coordinating/matching outfits online for an amazing price! They are very high end outfits--I only subscribe to their newsletters to give me ideas of things to sew for the girls--I have never purchased anything from them. However, when they sent me an email saying they were having a massive clearance sale, I went and checked them out, and I could not believe what I found! These dresses would have been $150 each, but I got them for less than I would paid for dresses at Walmart! I LOVE GREAT DEALS!!! And Daniel's sweater is coordinating so it's not too sweet for him yet. I asked him if he minded matching, and he said no. I'm going to take advantage of these times while he's still okay with it! I added a few extra pictures here so you can once again see the difference in personalities. Daniel and Hannah cooperating sweetly...Sarah's up to her normal shenanigans!

If you can't see it here, Sarah's contemplating how high the bench is and how quickly she can jump down, make a run for it, and get away from me! She's ready to spring now!This is probably the 4th or 5th attempt at a good can totally see that in Daniel's expression, too!

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Marsel said...


Good for Daniel -- Bruce always says that no man should be expected to *match*, but that a good man doesn't mind *coordinating* with the women in his life. :)