Monday, March 12, 2007

A great website to visit!

Most of you have probably already found this website, but for those of you who have have to go spend some time at It's Nancy Leigh DeMoss' website, and she has some amazingly helpful resources on her site...for free! Many of her pamphlets or notes to go along with her books are available in pdf format. My friend Carissa blogged about being able to get a free book from here so I went to see about that. I signed up for the book and was so excited by everything else I found. Nancy Leigh DeMoss is so practical and applicable (that's a bit redundant, heh?!?) to my everyday life...I really enjoy reading her books as well as listening to her radio broadcasts. Some of the things I found on her site that are especially interesting to me include:
• 23 great questions to ask your kids (interesting conversation starters that will hopefully lead to biblical discussions)
• 31 Biblical Virtues to pray for your children (I plan on using this not only to pray for my kids, but also as a list of things to focus on in my children's comes with Bible verses to go along with each virtue that I want to work with my kids on memorizing)
• 30 day husband encouragement challenge for wives (no explanation needed here...I am always looking for ways to let Brent know how wonderful he is and how much I adore and respect him!) How much do you want to bet that Brent goes to ROH and checks this out next?!? :-) Love you, Dear!

There are a ton more things that I want to look into on her site, but these are a few things that I want to start with. What are some of your favorite things on her site or other sites that have been a special challenge to you? I'm so excited to find this resource I had to let you all know about it, too! :-)

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Anonymous said...

hI Deb I have been listening to Nancy been so encouraging I listened to her yesterdays mess.. looking forward to todays so convicting. I hope save up get her tapes. Love Tab :)