Saturday, July 14, 2007

Daniel said the funniest thing the other day... we're in Walmart looking at the school supplies--I'm not sure who's more excited about the kids going to school, me or them, so we were among the first to hit the school supplies aisles at Wally World once they moved the fireworks out of the way. Daniel and Hannah were ooing and ahhing over all the fun little gadgets and different things while I was swiping all the 20 cent crayons and gluesticks I could find into my cart (I hate coloring with dull crayons, and one can never have too many gluesticks when doing crafts with a 5 year old!) I looked over at Daniel, and he has a little pencil sharpener in his hands turning it over and over in amazement. It was just one of the little ones, but it did have a case to catch the shavings in--much like the ones every little kid has in his school box at one time or another. In an awestruck voice he says to me, "Look, Momma...a wireless pencil sharpener!" What has happened to our society that our kids think in terms of wireless when they see something like a manual pencil sharpener! I guess that tells you what kind of techno-geek household we have!

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The Horaks said...

Hahahaa!! I love it!