Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pics from the kids time at Grandpa and Grandma Griffins

Two of Hannah's favorite bags and umbrellas! She often scavenges behind me when I'm putting things away from a shopping trip. "Can I have that bag, mommy?" Her room is full of plastic bags with all her little treasures in them!
Down by the camper is one of Daniel and Hannah's favorite spots at Grandma and Grandpa Griffins. They have picnics and weiner roasts. They get to sleep in the camper on special occasions. One night during their visit, Grandma and Hannah went down and had a sleepover in the camper. They stayed up until midnight watching movies...just the girls!

So when they needed a place to keep their riding lawn mower, true to Grandma and Grandpa fashion, they built the kids a clubhouse! Oh yeah, the lawn mower is underneath the clubhouse, but the top is for the kids to play in...and it has a great slide!

Sarah loved Grandpa Griffin, that's for sure!!!

Not sure who she's talking to here...maybe me...but more likely it's Great Grandma Griffin..."Can I come down and play at your house?!?"

Hannah lost her first tooth while she was at Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was so loose for so long. Grandpa even tried to use the pliers, but to no avail. It eventually became so loose that Grandma was able to pull it. Tooth #2 is now loose, and Hannah is much braver now that she knows more about how it will feel when it comes out.

Grandpa on the roof retrieving a frisbee...enough said!!!

Grandpa had a birthday while the kids were visiting. Daniel went to the cousins' house and Hannah LOVED having all the attention for herself! 58?!? Grandpa's really getting old, isn't he!!!

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