Sunday, October 21, 2007

Daniel's Birthday

I'm going to post quite a bit tonight since my children and husband were so kind and let me get a 2 hour nap--which now means I'll be up until 1 or 2 in the morning, but it sure was nice to get a much needed nap! I know I've been remiss about posting lately...things sure have gotten busy around here with school and all. Hannah and Sarah have been sick so we we've added several doctor's appointments to the mix. Sarah ended up with pneumonia, but she's better now after a round of antibiotics. Hannah had a horrible cough as well and wasn't responding to the month of expectorants so the doctor put her on an antibiotic as well. Both patients are doing great now and I'm thankful I don't have to be giving medicine anymore or running to town for doctors appointments! :-) Daniel turned 8 at the end of September. Here are a few pics from the big event...

Brent and Daniel are so much alike. I think if Daniel could choose to do one thing for his birthday, it would be to spend time with his Daddy either playing video games or on the computer! I'm thankful for a husband that sees the value of a daddy spending time with his children...and not just playing video games (although they both seem to enjoy it no matter how old they get!)

We always let our children choose their birthday dinner...and with a little coaxing from me they usually choose to eat out. This year Daniel chose to eat at Dairy Queen...they like to get the free Dilly Bars with their kids meals. I do have to add a side note here that Daniel won't be eating off the kids' menu for too much longer...there are meals he out eats me and Brent! His birthday was on a Wednesday so we were able to eat out before we headed over to church.

Daniel loves legos. When we were looking around for what kind of cake he wanted me to make for his birthday, he loved the lego cake immediately! I also made him a snake cake for his friends at church. I baked and decorated cakes all morning long (enter sigh here with a hand dramatically swiping the perspiration from said brow) but it was worth it to see how much the cake actually looked like a real lego block! is an amazing website for birthday cakes, party ideas, and family crafts. The explanations about how to make super cute cakes is a great help!


Marsel said...

Love the cake -- very cool.

How in the world did Daniel get to be 8?!?

And you were definitely in the danger zone for some major nagging about posting-delinquency. Good thing you caught up before I started on you. :-)

The Horaks said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel!! I really think that cake is so cute! You are so creative!!