Monday, October 22, 2007

She's getting into everything!!!

So Sarah's really on the move now...she's still doing the soldier crawl most of the time, but she's doing a full-fledged up on all 4's now more and more...which means nothing is safe! She managed to find a box of goodies that I left by the fridge. She didn't manage to get any of the packages open, but that's because she didn't realize it was food. Had she realized that, there would have been no stopping her! Brent and I have observed that Sarah is much more determined than our other 2 have ever been. Daniel and Hannah definitely had their issues, (ask anyone from New Hope about Daniel's scream echoing through the hallways when it came time to leave him in the nursery!), but both of their temperaments were pretty mild and easy going as babies. Then came Sarah...She's one strong-willed child...when she gets something in her mind, nothing stops her, not even a little, shall we say, "persuasion" from us! We both think we're in for some tricky times with the terrible two's and three's!

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Marsel said...

Strong willed? Determined? Where could she have gotten that gene?!