Saturday, May 03, 2008

Hannah gets a new bike!

Grandma and Grandpa Kelley gave Hannah money to get a new bike since she's been riding Daniel's little 16 incher. She's just started riding without training wheels, so she's very happy to have her own "Girly" bike. And she's really good at riding it, too...except that it's only 40 degrees out today!
We added the tassles, horn, and basket...every girl's bike has to have a basket! What was the first thing she put in the basket? Her play cell phone of course!
We have a very long driveway so the kids are able to ride to their hearts' content. Daniel has proven to be a protective big brother for Hannah. If she falls and hurts herself, he comes tearing into the house screaming louder than Hannah (which is me!) And she always manages to leave her bike at the end of the driveway when she comes hobbling into the house. Like a trooper...Daniel goes and brings her bike up for her. I finally told her she had to bring her bike up to the house when she comes in for medical attention!
While I love Daniel and think he looks adorable in this picture, I had to post it because Hannah's running into the blazer in the background! I couldn't resist!


Marsel & family said...

Hmmm...from whom did Hannah get her coordination?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Horaks said...

What a pretty bike, Hannah! The basket will be very useful, I'm sure! Sometimes I wish I had a basket on my bike still!

I LOVE the last picture! So funny!!!