Friday, May 09, 2008

Hannah's first date

Brent surprised me by getting 2 tickets to the Spring Concert on campus (it's one of the artist series) so we could go together, but we weren't able to get a sitter, plus Sarah was sick. We decided it would be a fun thing for a Daddy/Hannah date. Hannah was so giddy--she could hardly stop giggling. I fixed her hair and put her fancy dress on, but she didn't want Daddy to see her until she had her high healed white shoes on, too, and the package was complete. The whole time I was doing her hair, she kept asking me, "What do you think Daddy will say?!?" And of course he oohed and ahhhed. I was thankful to hear her say, "It's not how you look that's important, but what your heart's like." Just about every time I am doing her hair and watch her primp and fuss, I try to emphasize godly beauty is being like Christ. It was a great thing to hear her say it first!

Brent even got the door for her...after he dug her car seat out of the back! There's something wrong about your date needing a car seat, but I'm sure you understand! :-)
She was thrilled about the whole idea of going on a date with Brent, but the frosting on the cake was being able to sit up front!
And they're off! I mentioned how special it would be if they went to the Grind (the campus coffee shop) before coming home. I'm only a tad bit jealous...after all, I get to stay home and have a special time with Daniel and Sarah. Daniel's already hovering over my shoulder wondering when I'm going to be off the computer so he can play, and Sarah has a messy diaper...okay...I'm more than a tad bit jealous! :-)


Marsel & family said...

These are precious moments that Hannah will treasure all her life!!!

Good for Brent...and you, too, for sweetly sending them out together. :)

Elissa Brown said...

That is really special! I'm glad that Hannah got to have her first date with her daddy. :)

The Horaks said...

Awe, I just loved reading about Hannah's date with her daddy! My eyes were filling up with tears...(I know, I'm such a sentimental girlie! Haha!).