Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I never realized how mild my other children were!

I never knew that Daniel and Hannah were such mild-mannered children when they were toddlers. The biggest struggle we had with both of them was getting them to talk with others and not be so shy. They seemed afraid of everyone. Hannah was afraid of every man that came near her. Sarah on the other hand is the complete and total opposite! Let me just say that again...Sarah is the complete and total opposite! She is into everything and everyone everywhere! It was literally all I could do yesterday to keep up with her--and I had 2 extra sets of hands helping me since Daniel and Hannah were home on Christmas break.
Brent had a check-up last night in town so he brought home Papa Murphy's pizza for us--you order it and bake it at home. He had a coupon for free garlic bread or free cookie dough, which he LOVES. He made the ultimate sacrifice and brought the garlic bread home instead of the cookie dough knowing I would prefer that. So Hannah and I made him chocolate chip cookie dough last night (and a few cookies were even baked, too!) Hannah and I were at the microwave softening butter because unlike Martha I never remember to soften my butter ahead of time and always just zap it in the microwave. While we had our backs turned, Sarah pulled her red stool up to the counter and grabbed the bag of opened chocolate chips and sat down and started eating them. I took them away from her (which she did not like one bit!) and kept on baking. Just a few minutes later, she jumped back up on her stool, grabbed the chips, but this time took off running with them and started scarfing them down as she ran knowing they would soon be taken away from her! The girl is not yet 2!!! She brought me the entire gallon container of snack mix I made the other day. She had gotten up on her stool so she could reach them at the back of the counter, pulled it down, taken the lid off, and was carrying them around the kitchen so proud of herself. She wasn't so proud when I took care of the issue for sure!
The pics are of Sarah and how she looked after eating her spoonful of cookie dough that I gave her. The second one is of her on her little red stool--I didn't let her get the cookies--I just took the pic so you could see her little red stool that has become the arch nemesis of our family!
On a different note...the actual temp here this morning when I woke up around 7:00--is negative 12--that's the ACTUAL TEMPERATURE!!! (and yes, I meant that to be all caps because I was yelling!) We'll be staying inside today for sure. I think I used up all my creativity occupying Hannah yesterday...could make for an interesting day for sure!


The Horaks said...

Hilarious! What a girl!

The Silsbee Family said...

Aah, I'm glad you have a normal kid now. You people who start with mild mannered children have trouble understanding why people like us have trouble with our not so mild mannered children. Thankfully for us, we started with dynamite. It couldn't possibly get any more difficult. Our second was so mild mannered that we couldn't fathom parenting in the other order! One of our worst snatch and run scenarios was with a powder we bought. It was a chimney cleaner you sprinkle onto the fire. Our dynamite child brought the packet to me and said, "This tastes yucky!" What do you do then? I called poison control just to check! On another occasion visiting friends informed us that they had just observed her swallow a Lego. By that point, I had developed a sort of ambivalence to all the things you'd never think of saying in advance, "Never do [that]!" She is eight now, and things are improving. There is hope, my dear! L

loraena said...

She sounds so much like Ellie! she likes to run away with things she isn't supposed to have - and she always tries to turn it into a game by squeeling and shrieking and giggling. It can be so hard not to laugh sometimes.