Friday, December 12, 2008

more of her shenanigans!

Trying to get a good shot of a two year old is worse than pulling eye teeth!

Playing peek a boo with mommy and the camera...yeah that's it! She wasn't being stubborn and not wanting me to see her, it was peek-a-boo!!!
Okay, we'll try it sitting down...still no good! We'll try it with Hannah holding her--definitely not a good idea!
Try to snap a shot while she's walking towards good here, either!
Last resort still didn't work! Trying to get a shot while she's kicking and crying hoping both feet will land on the floor at the same time while she has half a frown/smile on her face at the exact time the camera goes off--not likely! You can tell Daniel was less than thrilled by this point...I gave up and went with individual shots of each of them instead.

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Marsel and family said...

Hehehehe...gotta love Christmas kid-pictures!

Sarah is funny and Hannah looks patient and sweet, but I especially love Daniel's expressions in each one, subtly changing from tolerant to "enough is enough" -- so funny!!! He will use those guy expressions so many times in the future!!!