Thursday, December 18, 2008

What we gave

It's hard to see me, but you can tell Brent bought me some great things. My favorites are the hair straightener (I killed mine a while back!) and the Martha Stewart glitter and glue for card making.
Brent got an alarm clock/docking station for his ipod and 4 books from his list.

Hannah got a stamping gift made up of stamps and stickers, a cooking gift complete with her own pink measuring cups, pink spatula and kids' cookbook, some chapter books, and a few smaller things. My favorite gift we gave her is the potholder loop loom that every little girl has at one time or another in her early crafting career!
Sarah received several books that do things like make music, have flaps or finger puppets, a baby doll that cries, a little pop-up thing-a-majigger, and her very own "blueberry"-fisherprice's baby version of a blackberry!
Daniel received a football, a DS game, a set of Nancy Drew Mystery computer games, and a few other small things as well.
We all had a great time sharing with each other. Now I'm off to put Sarah down for an early nap because I want to play with my new toys, I mean she got up early and is very sleepy!

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Debbie Olson said...

Love your sweet Christmas pictures, Debbie! Hey, I'm addressing cards--you know, next year's cards, early. . . Ahem. . . and I don't have your address. After fruitless google searches and no WI phonebook, I thought I'd resort to asking you to e-mail me your address. Thanks!