Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm back!

My camera has been out of commission recently--I've been taking pictures, but having trouble getting them onto my computer. But the Lord helped me find a work-a-round this morning and now I'm spending the rest of my morning catching up on blogging! Well, assuming Sarah isn't her typical self. Yesterday, I went into the kitchen and saw the box of Honeycombs on the table. It was a new box but was more than half gone. My first thought was, "Wow!!! Daniel and Hannah can go through the cereal--that was a new box!" (Insert a rolling of my eyes here at my naivity) I went to put the cereal back in the pantry, and there it was...a nice neat pile of Honeycombs on the kitchen floor! Yep...half the box in a nice neat least she's neat about her messes lately! And of course I did want any germ conscious, neat freak of a mom like I am(insert another rolling of my eyes here at that hysterical thought) would do and put the cereal back in the box for her to eat (and dump out again) another day. I console myself with this thought, "If this is the worst thing she ever eats, then we're doing really well!"

And just for the record, I don't usually keep the cereal out on the kitchen table for her to get...she's figured out how to get into the pantry--can't tell you how many times I make her put the fruit snacks back each day! I'm seeing a "discipleship opportunity" coming my way!


The Horaks said...

I have MISSED your blogging and I'm SO glad you're back! I love hearing your Sarah stories - she's so funny!

Hannah said...

I would have put the cereal back in the box to eat!!!

Judi H.