Friday, January 30, 2009

More matching dresses

We'll start with the best one first, and then you can read on to see the many faces of my darling two year old who was less than endearing this past Sunday morning when we were running late, but I insisted on getting pictures! Oh yeah...leave it to me, the wise one in our family, to insist on getting pictures when we're running late. Notice I didn't even bother trying to get Daniel in it--he's somewhere in his room looking for the ever elusive belt (the boy has 4 belts--seriously--4 belts! And always has a hard time finding one...I tell him everytime, look in your backpack--there's always a belt in his backpack--makes perfect sense to me--let's keep it in your backpack instead of in the dresser drawer clearly labeled belts, socks, and t-shirts!)
For some reason, "Smile" meant, "Show me your surprise face" this morning!
This really does epitomize my girls. Hannah sweetly sitting, patiently putting up with my ever present photographing while Sarah goofs off and refuses to cooperate! I love how the light on Hannah's face makes her look like an angel...look closely, I'm sure there's a halo somewhere in there! :-) Yep...those are horns over Sarah, too! It looks like a bow, but those are horns!


Marsel said...

Regardless, they look adorable in their matching dresses!

The Horaks said...

Your girls are so cute! :D

Hannah said...

Your post reminds me of the lady at the church we visited in Baltimore on Easter Sunday, who commented about her 2 year old twins, "This is the good one. This is the bad one." Oh.

Judi Hayes