Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Ready for the Spring School Concert

We had a few minutes before it was time to leave for the kids' Spring Concert for school what seems like a gazillion days ago, even though it was just a couple of weeks, so I decided to get some pictures of the kids all dressed up.
"Yes, she's still standing there waiting for me to smile! When will this lady stop trying to get a good picture of me!"
Sarah shows her stubborn streak most when she comes up with a better way to do what you are asking her to do. In this case, it was her idea to hug Hannah instead of just standing sweetly next to her. I let well enough alone since it was actually a better shot!
I learned that even though the kids are almost 10 and 7, it is too much to ask them to stand in the sun no matter how much better the lighting is there!

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Marsel said...

Cute pictures!