Thursday, June 18, 2009

School's Out!

The kids had a half day of school the last day...actually less than half a day...they were able to leave after the awards assembly at 10:30. To celebrate we went home, grabbed a quick lunch, changed clothes and headed to town to get Frosty's since I had buy one get one free coupons. We stopped at a way side off the highway that has this beautiful waterfall. There are 13 waterfalls in our area, but they are all pretty rough hiking with a 2 year old. This waterfall was perfect since it's been built up for tourists--complete with a bunch of stairs--Sarah can do stairs no problem! It wasn't hot or cold, just comfortable so we were able to stay a good while playing in the water and just enjoying the great outdoors.


Tracy said...

Is that Long Slide Falls? It looks like they've made a lot of changes to the layout since I was last there. We used to have to scale down the rocks.

Elissa Brown said...

I remember the falls! We went there a year ago during my visit. That was a lot of fun! Of course, Sarah was much younger than and didn't enjoy it as much as she seems to have this week! :)