Friday, June 12, 2009

We finally got them outta there!!!

Our children are spending their 2 weeks with the grandparents like they do every summer. Brent and I are doing our best to get some of our bigger projects done while we can without having to stop to change a diaper or stop to see how bad the fall was since it's impossible to really tell just based on the screams.

One of those projects is getting rid of the bushes in front of our house. They have been with the house from the beginning, and it is quite obvious! Critters have taken up residence in them along with some poison ivy from time to time so it was time to get rid of them. The more Brent cut into them (thanks, Dad, for lending us the chain saw!) the more obvious how old they really were. The main trunks were so big and the branches were so twisted and mangled together that it really took some doing to get them out.

I personally was so thankful our neighbor came over with his pick-up truck and helped Brent haul the cut shrubs away so I didn't have to get all poked and yucky! (How's that for girl talk!!!) I did have a really nice visit with our neighbor's wife while the men worked. We're doing our best to build a relationship with them--they are the epitome of Yooper folk--they'd do anything to help with little or no expectation of anything in return.

I'm having trouble with the pictures so they are going to have to stay all out of order for now. Hopefully you can figure out what's going on here. Now I have to decide if I'm going to put a flower bed where the shrubs used to be or if I'm going to just grow grass--or in our case more dandelions! :-)


Marsel said...

It looks great! Thanks for the inspiration...Bruce and I are getting ready to cut out some big old bushes here, too. I LOVE your boulder...I want one like that so badly...maybe I'll find one behind my bushes, too?! :)

brownem721 said...

It looks so nice. Those juniper bushes are a pain to remove! My dad hated them. I think it'll look good with some flowers by the steps. =)