Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Daniel on the other hand was not so excited to start school...He was beggign to wait another week! But once he started watching the DVD's, he was excited that each class was so much shorter than last year. First grade combines reading and phonics so it's a much longer lesson...he hasn't figured out that more lessons, however short they are, actually add up to longer school days! I'm sure it won't take long for him to figure it out! But for now I'm going to enjoy all the excitement about doing his school work!


TheHarrisons said...

Hey, Daniel! I know you are going to do GREAT in 2nd grade!

Study hard:)

Aunt Sheri

carissa said...

hi deb! Long time no see. I miss you friend. I'm glad to see schooling is going well for the chillens. They look happy and sooo smart too! Emma started K5 yesterday and I cried. She loves it and picks out her outfits for the next day as soon as she gets home from school :) what a girly girl--like hannah!

Tfipps said...

Thanks for your comment...you know us scrapbookers...we have to have a camera ready at all times. Actually, we just got this beautiful new digital camera on e-bay not that long ago, and I LOVE taking pictures with it.

carissa said...

when are you going to post another picture...it's not like you have anything else to do...ha ha ha