Tuesday, August 29, 2006

First Day of School

Yesterday was our first day of school for the kiddos. Hannah was so excited. She's been begging since summer began to start school, and she was disappointed that she only got to do one DVD since Daniel got to do so many more! She's been playing at the desk for weeks making it her little "home." It's amazing to me how much of a nesting instinct she has at just 4 years old! She put her supply box we made in one of the little cabinets, and her special folder (she chose the one with all the fancy shoes on it!) in the filing cabinet. She is so different than Daniel was at this age....he couldn't wait to be done so he could go play, but Hannah wanted to do all of her papers and color the ones that weren't for lesson one! She was so excited to show Brent her work when he came home. He gave her special stickers for her work which was a special treat for her, too! We'll see if the newness wears off any time soon!

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TheHarrisons said...

Dear Hannah,

Lauren loves her school too! Chester Cedartree is pretty cool!!

I like your desk area:)

Aunt Sheri