Friday, August 25, 2006

Goofy Grins!

Well, it's finally happened! Daniel has lost his 2 front teeth! He looks like a 7 year old boy through and through now. We were at my parents' house last week getting ready for church. The first one was so loose it was barely hanging on. I made him let me pull it out so it wouldn't come out in the middle of church and cause a huge scene! Let me tell you, I was missing Brent big time at that moment since I am not one for blood or gory things! But I bucked up and pulled it out. When we got home Daniel started messing with his other front tooth. Tuesday started out with it barely loose and by that evening he brought his tooth to me in his hand asking for a napkin for the blood. Had to post a picture of him since he looks so goofy without his 2 front teeth!

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TheHarrisons said...

You look all grown up! When I heard you lost your front teeth, I had to check Bobby's to see if his were loose. Guess what?! They aren't even loose! You are doing great!

Aunt Sheri