Thursday, August 17, 2006

They're back and things are back to normal...well. as normal as we get around here!

We drove back from my parents on Wednesday, and I have to say, "It's good to be home!" We had a great time, but there's no place like home! (I feel like I should be clicking my heels together) The kids were away from home for almost 5 weeks, so it will take some time to get used to a normal routine around here again! Brent took today off and we went bowling in Iron Mountain. We went in the afternoon and practically had the entire place to ourselves! It was great...and we had a coupon/gift certificate so it was FREE!!! Even better, heh? Next week is inservice for the faculty/staff at Northland so that "normalcy" thing will be tossed out the window again! I may just wait until we're empty nesters to try and establish any sense of normalcy in our lives!

Thanks to all our family that we were able to spend time with these past few weeks! We had a great time! We are so glad that Daniel and Hannah got to spend time with Brent's Grandma in Ohio while they were staying with Brent's parents for 2 weeks. Great Grandma, Hannah says, "we miss you and I hope you're having fun." (Thanks for the fabric, too!) They had a great time with their cousins, too! Hope grandma's hillside recovers from the slip n' slide! And Aunt Suzie, Hannah's making scrapbooks for everyone now! She had a great time making one with you, and I love it, too! Will try to post a few pics soon of what's going on!


Joshua & Shannon Smith said...

Debbie - I don't know if you remember me or not. I was leaving Northland about the time you guys came. We spent New Years (I think) together at the Reese's.
It's nice to catch up with your family.
Congratulations on the new little one you're expecting.

carissa said...

she's having twins we think, Shannon!

Just kidding :) I love that your life is hectic again. I mean that because we're really good friends and I can tell you the truth in love :)