Sunday, September 10, 2006

It must be a Daddy thing!

It never fails...I'm in the kitchen fixing supper (okay...that part sometimes fails!) the kids hear the garage door open, they go running to meet Daddy as he comes in the basement from work, and the tackling ensues! Well...since he's been wearing suits to work once the new school year began, he changes first...and then the wrestling ensues! What is it with Daddies that make their kids want to tackle them?!? It's turning into a nightly routine. If it doesn't start before dinner, it definitely starts after dinner while I'm washing the dishes (sigh!) but I do have to say it's kind of nice to know they're having so much fun, and I get some time in the kitchen without the "help" of a certain 4 year old girl who loves to be under my elbows constantly! I'm told I'll miss that someday, but most days that's really hard to imagine :-)

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TheHarrisons said...

Go get'em Daniel and Hannah! Do a little wrestlin' for Cousin Bobby, too!

Aunt Sheri