Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Am I really still that far away for "D-Day?"

I put the counter on my blog to encourage me...but let me tell you...everytime I look at it, I still can't believe how much longer I have to wait to meet our baby! My pregnancy is going relatively smoothly right now, but I can't believe I still have 103 days!!! I'm hoping it works like our engagement time went...once we hit 100 days left, the time flew by! But I do have to say that there's a lot that will happen to me physically before the 100 days are left until "D-Day!" My kids keep asking me how much bigger I'm going to get (as if they can't imagine me getting any bigger than I already am!) Daniel thinks it's really funny that he can't get his arms around my waist anymore...I'm not so humored, to say the least!

But on a happier note, we're getting our new furnace and water heater today! That's a huge blessing to see the Lord replace our 28 year old furnace with a brand new, much more efficient, propane furnace. Our old furnace is fuel oil which is dirty and needs much servicing...God is so good to meet our needs and provide us with a new propane water heater, too. The men say that it should cut our electric bill each month by $40-$50!!!

As an ode to my "City-Girlishness" the biggest dilema for me was where to place the big white propane tank so it would be seen the least amount...everyone here has a huge white propane tank in their yard...it's as common to see those as it is deer! But the men who set up the tank told me I could put a cute little white fence with flowers around it to hide it if I wanted. They even said we could paint a scene on it if we wanted (they clearly don't know that I will probably end up doing just that!) The kids and I decided we'd do it half princess and half hot wheels to make everyone happy! Now...just to convince Brent that pink and purple with hot wheel flames is better than plain white! Like that will ever happen!!!


Tracy said...

The time will begin to go by faster, and you have a wonderful doctor to help encourage you (I miss Dr. Ryan).

I know what you mean about those big white propane tanks. They have a way of standing out against the landscape. When you get your tank painted, make sure you post a picture. I would love to see how you combine princess and hotwheels (are the princesses going to be driving the cars?).

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Things are snow covered up there MOST of the year, so your tank will blend in and not even be seen.
Love and prayers. Grandma C.

Marsel said...

May I be the first to congratulate you on hitting the double digits. Just continue to look ahead to the blessing God is preparing for you!

Marsel said...

PS -- That previous comment was written on Saturday morning, now that you've hit 99 -- after I posted, I realized that the date doesn't show!

Sauers said...

Hey! just checking up on your blog! Glad to hear your pregnancy is going well, and I hope it goes fast for you from here on out! I hope to be able to get up there to see everyone sometime, but we'll see! Tell Hannah hi, I wonder if she remembers us. They look like they are both getting really big!Praying for ya, Miss ya!