Sunday, October 01, 2006

Everything's On Fire!!!

I LOVE THE FALL AROUND HERE!!! That's a huge change from what I usually have to say, ("Where in the world are we?!?") I forgot how beautiful the colors get right about now! On our way to church in Norway seems to be the best! Coming over the hill and then crossing the Menominee River into Michigan is breathtaking. (Yes...not only do we have to go to another state to do our grocery shopping, but to get to church, too!) The kids and I agree that the colors are so bright and varied that it looks like the trees are on fire.

This is probably the last week or 2 before the leaves fall and raking begins, so I thought I'd drag the kiddos through the dew laden grass and get their feet good and soaked before we left for church this morning. It was hard to get them to stand still...they kept getting giddy about the fun they'll soon be having jumping in the leaves! (Sounds like another blog entry in the making!)

These pics were taken in our back yard this matter how super-imposed they look!


Anonymous said...

Now THAT I miss down here! We do get some color, but nothing quite like that Northern show. Enjoy!

Love, Marsel

The Horaks said...

You are so right! The view on the way into Norway is just amazing! I tried taking a picture or two on the way into church yesterday morning, but I don't think my digital camera shots taken from inside a moving car really did it justice! :) I love the pix of the kids, btw! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing-- it really looks pasted into the background. It is breathtaking to see the colors this year.

Leslie said...

It was so awesome to see you and Brent the the kids! Your husband even reminded me how much I miss his preaching with one simple comment! ( it was a good one!) I love reading your blog, too! I hope you know how blessed you are to live in such a remote place! You think it's amazing to see a bobcat? I am amazed at a squirrel.